Olympic Zipper Limited

Quality Oympic Zippers Limited, Meerut

Olympic Philosophy

An enterprise should coexist with the elements of society. Its value will be recognized by the benefits it shares with society.

Olympic Group has always been careful for this need for mutual prosperity in planning business . Value creation through innovative ideas and inventions resulting in business expansion ,thereby, bringing prosperity to consumers and trading partners, thus benefiting all society.

We retain this concept as the ongoing business philosophy of OLYMPIC


Olympic Zippers Limited believes in always keeping updated in Line with the latest technology. We always believe that higher quality leads to higher productivity.

With the use of latest technology we can establish better control process. We have establish stringent quality checks during production. Better control process leads to lower wastage and rework.

The board of directors and the top management team and Olympic zippers is strongly committed to quality. By fully understanding the needs of our valuable customers we strive for their complete satisfaction.

Environmental Activities

Olympic Zippers recognizes that it is the most important duty for all humankind that we preserve the global environment so that it is given to the next generation in a sound condition. Olympic group also believes in elimination of industrial accident and therefore safety inspections are carried out.


Practicing diversity regardless of gender, nationality or disability And maintaining a friendly working environment for the development of the company.