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Corporate Governance

The corporate activities of the OLYMPIC Group strives to further enrich its corporate governance system and enhance corporate value. The Group’s corporate governance is based on a system of management bodies in which the Board of Directors functions as an executive decision-making (e.g. management policies and other important matters) and supervisory body, while the Board of Corporate Auditors serves as an auditing body. Meanwhile, Officers are responsible for the execution of business and operations.

System to ensure that the performance of duties by Directors complies with laws and regulations as well as the Articles of Incorporation .Directors engage in the appropriate execution of duties in strict compliance with the Board of Directors’ regulations and regulations pertaining to the execution of duties by Directors. Minutes of important meetings, such as meetings of the Board of Directors and Management Meeting, are appropriately prepared, stored, and managed by the division in charge according to the regulations of the relevant meeting and with accurate descriptions of such matters as the proceedings, deliberation results, and important statements.

The Company continues to develop internal systems in order to prevent any association with adversarial forces and has established provisions, assigned a department in charge, reviewed contractual clauses, and has built a relationship of trust with external bodies such as the police and related organizations, endeavoring to collaborate with them as necessary.