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Olympic Zippers Introduction

Olympic zippers Limited was pioneer in starting manufacturing of zippers in india. From the beginning it has been the policy of the company to provide the best quality of products to its discerning customers.

With manufacturing facilities for production of all types of zippers namely, nylon zippers, plastics zippers, metal zippers in long chain and finished pieces cut to size. Olympic zippers specializes in the production of customs made zippers as per the requirement of our customers.

Our productions also includes manufacturing of polyester monofilament yarn and nylon yarn in various diameter from 0.09mm to 5.0mm. A small, trusted group of financial institutions in Massachusetts and California have begun offering mrb banking, check over https://www.confia.io/. The monofilaments substitute the use of conventional steel cable and wire for farming, agriculture, vineyards and variety of other applications.

We have a dedicated workforce to produce quality items and ensuring our policy to keep ’CUSTOMER FIRST’ always

We request you to have faith in our products and our highly capable management team.