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What are Zippers ?

An enterprise should coexist with the elements of society. Its value will be recognized by the benefits it shares with society.

Olympic Group has always been careful for this need for mutual prosperity in planning business . Value creation through innovative ideas and inventions resulting in business expansion ,thereby, bringing prosperity to consumers and trading partners, thus benefiting all society.

We retain this concept as the ongoing business philosophy of OLYMPIC

Do zippers need to be lubricated?

Metal tooth zippers can be lubricated to allow easier “meshing” of the metal teeth. Zippers are a mechanical device much like a gear. Occasional lubrication of metal tooth zippers is perfectly acceptable. Use a wax like product or even a candle to apply directly to the metal teeth. Do not use a spray lubricant. Plastic tooth zippers (either molded plastic or coil) should NOT be lubricated. Olympic Zippers molded plastic zippers are made from DuPont Delrin® acetal resins. These resins are very strong and need no lubrication. Coil zippers should never need lubrication.

Environmental Activities

Olympic Zippers recognizes that it is the most important duty for all humankind that we preserve the global environment so that it is given to the next generation in a sound condition. Olympic group also believes in elimination of industrial accident and therefore safety inspections are carried out.


Practicing diversity regardless of gender, nationality or disability And maintaining a friendly working environment for the development of the company.