Olympic Zipper Limited

Customized Zipper & Slider Oympic Zippers Limited, Meerut

Customized Zipper & Slider

Olympic has the facility to customize all it’s products like Zipper and Sliders which will help you to uplift your products effectively. Customization also adds a certain style also. We also design the complete products just to suit any of your personalized needs./

Customization Process at Olympic

Olympic can design the Zippers Tape as per your requirement in different weights and monofilament Olympic has the best designs available for the sliders in your own designs.

Safety for Zippers

1. Olympic can provide on request NICKEL free range of our products that satisfies the specified maximum limit for nickel release as per European directive 94/27 EC which was made a law in the year 2000 and specifies the upper limit for nickel release.

2. Olympic can provide on request lead content in the paints used for sliders will below the detectable levels.

3. Olympic can provide all the zippers after dying as ‘AZO FREE’ wherein we use disperse type dyestuff which is without content of ‘AZO’.

4. Olympic can provide zippers and sliders produced under observation of OEKO TEX principle and provide goods certified by ‘OEKO TEX certificate’.

5. International standards for testing our zippers & sliders
                       JIS – 53015
are followed
6. For third party inspection services, Olympic can provide this facility at an extra cost emit SGS.