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Agro Wire

Agro Wire

Animal Fencing Wire

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Agro wires are specially designed monofilaments to substitute the use of conventional steel cables and wire for farming, agriculture, vineyards, orchards, culture under cover, wind breakers, green houses ( shading and roofing), safe fences for animal husbandry, cover for dams and ponds, marine cultures and variety of other applications.

Agro wires are produce with Nylon and Polyester and the advantages they offer are listed below. One would choose between the 2 based on the area of usage. Most of the advantages these lines offer over the conventional metal cables are the same with a few significant differences making them the preferred choices for certain applications.

  • • Agro wires are lighter than steel cables making handling much easier than steel cables resulting in a much easier and faster installation than steel cables.
  • • Once the Agro wire is properly tensioned it requires no maintenance and does not sag further because of the low stretch factor of PET.
  • • Agro wires are highly U.V and weather stabilized. The wire does not degrade from exposure to sunlight and requires no maintenance in even extreme weather conditions.
  • • One of the many advantages of the line is its stability against extreme temperatures which prevents melting and damage to the plastic film covering used in greenhouses to prevent frost damage to plants.
  • • Agro wire does not rust and are non corrosive. The agro wire exhibits good resistance to chemicals and fertilizers and hence lasts longer.
  • • Agro wire does not damage plants, animals or the environment.
  • • One of the other advantages of using this wire is that it does not conduct electricity or currents making it a safe alternative in case of lightening.
  • • PET Agro wire exhibits lower elongation and lower water, humidity or moisture absorption making it the preferred wire for many applications.

OLY wire is easier and quicker to install than any galvanised wire used in viticulture, arboriculture and horticulture. The flexibility of the agro wire helps to complete the installation much easier, faster and with less labour

OLY wire is much lighter than any steel wire which ensures easy handling while installation. Conventional steel wires are having high risk of kinking problem during the installation since it is very stiff and hard. Once the steel wire is being kinked it will create a weak spot and it will tent to break easily. There is no possibility of this problem with OLY agro wire. The following table will help to understand the difference in weight between steel wire and agro wire

Steel Wire
Diameter mm Weight/Roll kgs Length/Roll Mtrs
2.00 50 2310
2.20 50 1900
2.50 50 1470
3.50 50 750
Agro wire
Diameter mm Weight/Bobbin Kgs Length/Bobbin Mtrs
2.00 10 2100
2.20 10 1650
2.50 10 1300
3.50 10 600

Polyester barb wire is best suitable for most innovative method of fencing with less hassle and more economical. The advanced copolymer polyester monofilaments are specially extruded with certain parameters which make the polyester barb wire most suitable for fencing and last longer. After the extrusion, the monofilaments are twisted together and high quality galvanized barb inserted at the equal distance.


  • • Less weight and easy to install
  • • Less maintenance
  • • No corrosion
  • • Last longer
  • • UV resistanti

Polyester Barb wire can be used as fencing in various places

  • • Game farms
  • • Animal husbandries
  • • Agriculture farms
  • • Highways
  • • Airports
  • • Private resorts/properties
  • • Coastal areas
  • • Government properties